How to Create a Text Reminder

After installing the Bright Remind Me app, you may use the app to create a reminder.

In these instructions, you’ll learn to create a reminder of whatever text you’d like. If you’d like to get a reminder of a specific message from a team member, check out these instructions.

Open the Bright Remind Me App

First open the Bright Remind Me app from the left sidebar in Teams.

If Bright Remind Me is not pinned to the sidebar, click the three dots (pictured below) and find the Bright Remind Me app.

Tip: Right-click on Bright Remind Me and select “Pin.” This will keep Bright Remind Me in your sidebar so you don’t have to search for it.

Creating a Reminder

Send a message to Bright Remind Me like “remind me to get milk at 5pm” or “remind me tomorrow to call Mary” or just say “remind me”.

Bright Remind Me will respond with the reminder creation widget filled in with as much as it can understand.

Fill out the fields and click “Create Reminder”.

Bright Remind Me will confirm the reminder. That’s it!