How to Activate a Bright Remind Me Subscription

Before you activate

First, you’ll need to have an active Bright Remind Me subscription. Visit our plan options to choose the right option for you.

You’ll also need to have an Bright Remind Me installed. Visit the Installation Instructions for assistance.

Subscription Activation

  1. After subscribing, you will receive an activation code by email. If you didn’t receive the code, please contact us.

  2. Open Microsoft Teams and start a private chat with Bright Remind Me. On desktop or web, click “Chat” from the left side bar. Click the “New Chat” icon. Type “Bright Remind Me” in the “To:” field.

  3. Send Bright Remind Me a message that says “activate plan” (without quotes) followed by your activation code. Bright Remind Me should respond with “Your plan has been activated.” That’s it. You’re done! Enjoy unlimited reminders!