How to View Past Polls

Bright Poll’s Poll Management allows you to view and control the polls you have created all in one place.

To use Poll Management, first, open the Bright Poll app from the left sidebar in Teams.

If Bright Poll is not pinned to the sidebar, click the three dots (pictured below) and find the Bright Poll app.

Tip: Right-click on Bright Poll and select “Pin.” This will keep Bright Poll in your sidebar so you don’t have to search for it.

Next, send a message to Bright Poll that says “manage polls”.

Bright Poll will respond with a card listing the five polls you most recently posted.

Viewing a Poll

Clicking the “Go to Poll” button will bring you to the poll in the chat or channel you posted it.

Use this to easily jump to the poll and view the results.

Getting Results of a Poll

To see the results of a poll, click the “Results” button.

Bright Poll will send you a message with the poll question, answers, answer count, and who voted for which option.

Closing a Poll

To close a poll, click the “Close” button below the poll question.

The results message will stay in the chat where you originally posted it. Any reply conversation below the poll will stay as well.

The voting widget will be replaced with a message saying the poll is not accepting any more votes.

Re-opening a Poll

To re-open a closed poll, find the poll in your “Manage Polls” list. Where the “Close” button was will now be an “Open” button.

When you click “Open,” the voting widget will be added below the poll and respondents will again be able to cast votes.

Deleting a Poll

To delete a poll, click the delete button and then the confirmation button.

Deleting a poll is permanent and cannot be undone.

Poll results will be deleted. Any threaded replies below the poll in a channel will be removed from the chat.

Managing Older Polls

Bright Poll shows you your most recent 5 polls when you ask to manage polls.

To manage older polls, use the “Next”, “Last”, “Previous”, and “First” buttons at the bottom of the card to page through your poll history.