The Easiest Reminders for Microsoft Teams

Get reminded about that message that came in during a meeting, get a nudge to follow up with a teammate, or set a reminder for whatever you'd like.

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Features and Benefits

Set Custom Reminders

Get a reminder of anything you want with a message like "Remind me to email Sally at 1".

Get Reminders of Specific Messages

Set a remind for any message in a private conversation or a Team. Bright Remind Me will ping you to jump back into the conversation.

Quickly Set a Reminder

Presets from 20 minutes to next week make setting a reminder quick and easy.

Use Natural Language

Bright Remind Me understands a good bit of English. Send it a message like "Remind me to submit the form in two weeks."

Snooze for Later

Not ready for that reminder? Easily snooze it until later.

Individual and Team Plans

Unlock unlimited reminders for just yourself or for your whole team.