Amazingly simple
polls for
Microsoft Teams

Quickly survey your team directly in Teams chat.
No confusion. No complexity.

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Features and Benefits

Fast and Simple

Answer polls directly in chat.
No complex set up.
No awkward tabs to reference.

One Vote or Many

Create polls where respondents must vote for one choice or allow them to give their preference to many options.

Anonymous Polls

Sometimes you want everyone to see what everyone else voted for. Sometimes you don't. With Bright Poll, you're in control.

Open Answers

Give respondents the option to add their own answers. Others can vote on these just like the ones the sender added.

No Sender Limits

Our team plans allow anyone to post polls and take advantage of premium features. Our license isn't tied to a specific sender.

Close Finished Polls

When you're ready, stop voting and show results. You can even reopen the poll if Bob from accounting forgot to vote.

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