New Anonymous Polling Features

Brendan Andrade


Bright Bits announces new features to control the display and data collection in your Bright Polls.

Pick One or Many polls now support fully anonymous polling. Check the box to “Make poll anonymous” and you, the creator, will not be able to see who voted for which option. This data won’t ever be available to you from this poll, giving respondents more confidence to share their true option.

Additionally, we’ve added more control over what data is displayed to the respondents while they are taking the poll. You can choose to show live results including the names of who voted for each option (for non-anonymous polls), live results with names hidden, or choose to keep the results secret.

When the poll is over and you close the poll, you can choose to reveal the results, the results and who voted for each (non-anonymous polls only), or keep the results hidden from the chat.

These features are available for Bright Poll Premium subscribers. For more information on upgrading to Bright Poll Premium, please visit

More information on how to use this feature can be found in our Help Center.